6 Lesser-Known Travel Destinations for Safe Travel

Few habits are difficult to break. Travel is one of the major requirements either for fun or business. It is hard to change the traveling habits but “New Normal” routine will create a positive impact. The couponksa.com asks the tourists and passengers to learn about Etihad airways promo code after checking travel requirements and policies. It would be good to choose some new destinations with low crowd status. Are you looking for such places? We have some brilliant ideas for tourists who are ready to book vacations after the travel opens again.

Normandy, France:

France is among the highly visited European countries. Normandy is famous for the WW2 events. However, this small island is full of other features such as stunning natural beauty. It is among the less visited French areas along the English Channel. It usually receives less attention when it comes to book the vacation for family. However, it could be a perfect spot for tourism and travel in 2021 and after.

Islands in Greece:

In 2019, a tourism data survey reported more than 30 million tourists visited Greek islands. This is a stunning figure. Some of the major islands visited by tourists include the Crete, South Aegean, Attica, Central Macedonia and Ionian Islands. There are some other popular destinations such as Rhodes, Mykonos and Santorini where tourists use Etihad Airways promo code to book vacation plans. However, travel advisors recommend some other islands such as Lipsi, and Iraklia. These are some less visited islands safe for the travel in future.

Central Vietnam:

Many international vacationers love visiting this country. It is famous for Halong and Hanoi bay. The Ho Chi Minh City and its vicinities are also very popular for the tourism. Recent reports suggest that tourists should head to some sleepier regions of this country. For example, Anantara Mui Ne is a newly developed travel destination which requires attention.

Kagawa, Japan:

No doubt, it is little difficult to get the visa of Japan but tourism visa is always easy. There are numerous famous areas such as Tokyo City. Visiting these areas is no longer safe due to highly populated status. Recently, Japan opened a new travel destination, Kagawa, for the tourists. This city is a complex of temples, gardens, feudal castles and more. It is also famous for the Urashima Village where Japanese cuisine is the main attraction for tourists.

Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan:

This is one of the most neglected heavens in the world. In the recent efforts to promote tourism in country, Pakistani government decided to improve the image and infrastructure of this region. The response was overwhelming as Gilgit Baltistan is home to stunning natural beauty and remote travel.

Dandenong, Australia:

While most people know Australia for Sydney or Melbourne, there are so many other places to explore in this country. Dandenong is one of the main mountainous ranges with great experiences. Book flights to Australia with Etihad Airways promo code and visit the Valley Ranges Getaways in the Sassafras. This is one of the best remote villages to live in peace and comfort.