7 Simple Tips for Making A Stay at A Hotel More Comfortable and Enjoyable

The long holiday is the day that everyone looks forward to, no exception for this pandemic. Some people who have experienced extreme boredom and boredom try traveling again. Staying at a hotel is one of the most enjoyable parts of your trip. Traveling to Singapore and staycation at the Tanjong Pagar hotel or Sofitel Singapore can be an attractive alternative.

The most important thing when deciding to stay at a hotel is to make sure you are in good health so that your vacation will be comfortable and enjoyable. We ourselves can actually make the hotel much more comfortable by doing a few simple things. Here are some easy ways that will help you become more comfortable during your stay at the hotel.

  1. Room Check

When entering the room for the first time, you should not immediately unpack the contents of the suitcase or go to sleep immediately. First, check your room, starting with the bed linen (make sure it’s slippery and not smelly), the AC is cold, the shower and TV are functioning properly.

If something goes wrong, immediately ask for a room change (do it politely, of course). If possible open a window in your hotel room. That way, air circulation will be better and sunlight can enter

  1. Clean the room when you just enter

Of course, the hotel manager has cleaned all the parts and facilities in the room. But there’s nothing wrong with re-cleaning. Therefore, always carry hand sanitizer and tissue to clean objects that are often touched, such as television remotes, light switches, doorknobs, table surfaces, and objects that are often touched in the bathroom.

  1. Maintain health protocol

During the pandemic, choose a hotel that follows strict health protocols. Examples of hotels that apply strict health protocols are when entering the hotel a body temperature test is held, washing hands before entering the hotel, and all hotel employees and guests wearing masks. Even if you stay at a 5-star hotel, you should still pay attention to the cleanliness of the following equipment: TV remote, and door handle.

  1. Breakfast at the hotel

Usually, breakfast time at the hotel is 6-10 am. Don’t forget to have breakfast because after 10 am the hotel restaurant doesn’t serve breakfast anymore. Try to come to the restaurant early so you don’t have to wait in line and the menu choices are still complete. By taking advantage of the free breakfast facilities at the hotel, you will be able to save your budget while traveling.

  1. Pay Attention to Facilities

Before using hotel facilities, you should first confirm with the hotel staff whether the facilities are free or charged. Because, when you use a facility because you think it’s free ( internet/Wifi) but when you check out you are charged, of course, you will feel disappointed.

  1. Change new towels

If you stay at the hotel for more than 1 day and you want to change towels with new towels every day, then put your old towels on the floor. Generally, towels that are still hanging will not be replaced by the hotel.

  1. Wake-up call in the morning

If you have a schedule in the morning and you are the type of person who has difficulty waking up, you can take advantage of the wake-up call facility, where the hotel clerk will call your room at the time you requested. Don’t forget to bring vitamins, supplements, and personal medicines during your stay. Don’t force yourself to stay at the hotel if your body is not feeling well.

Those are simple tips for staying at a hotel to make it more comfortable and enjoyable. If you bring valuables, do not leave them in the room. Put it in a safe deposit box and lock it properly. If you want to travel, entrust hotel reservations to Traveloka. Traveloka collaborates with thousands of hotels both at home and abroad and provides many special attractive promos for you.

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