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Researchers have analyzed samples of NdBi crystals which show interesting magnetic properties. In their experiments together with measurements at BESSY II they might find proof for thus known as Fermi … Researchers may have developed long-lived biological computer systems that might potentially persist inside cells. Newly discovered Fermi arcs that can be controlled by way of magnetism could be the future of electronics based mostly on electron spins.

Researchers have developed a singular design of ultrathin movies for extremely flexible yet mechanically robust bioelectronic membranes that would pave the way for diagnostic on-skin sensors that fit … An atom-thick sheet of graphene is the idea of a new, penny-sized sensor that may rapidly and effectively detect and measure opioid byproducts in wastewater, researchers … High-fidelity touch has the potential to considerably expand the scope of what we expect from computing gadgets, making new distant sensory experiences possible.

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