Interesting Things To Do While In Komodo Island

Interesting Things To Do While In Komodo Island

Breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, the famous Komodo dragons, snorkeling with turtles, mantas and dolphins are just a few things that Komodo Island offers. In short, nature here is so beautiful it could almost make you cry. Whether it is watching hundreds of bats flying above this mangrove island at sunset or swimming at some of the world’s most interesting beaches is a wonderful way to spend a vacation with family, friends or even lover.

When should you travel there?

No matter the time of the year, there is no significant difference in the weather around Komodo. However, if you are on a tight budget the you should know that June, July and November to January are high season months. This means that accommodation rates are the highest during this time because tourist visit in large numbers then compared to other times of the year. Here are some of the interesting things to do while vacationing at Komodo Island.

Sunbathe at the pink beaches of Komodo

There are only seven pink beaches in the world, one of them including Pink Beach Komodo which happens to be completely unspoiled and uninhabited. The most mesmerizing thing about this beach is how the pink sand meets the crystal turquoise blue waters thus making a sight to behold. Once there, you can take your time to swim, snorkel and just relax at this natural wonder. 

While the sand and shells look amazing, don’t be tempted to take a sample home because it is prohibited and can get you in trouble at the airport. Additionally, it is good to keep nature as it is to ensure that biodiversity lives on.

Explore the park in search of Komodo dragons

The world’s largest lizard is found in one place only, the Komodo National Park which extends through the three larger islands of Komodo, Rinca and Padar. To view them, you are required to hire a trained ranger to accompany you at Rinca Island. The guide’s job is to keep you at a safe distance from the dragon as you walk through the park.

You can hike through the park to the viewpoint using three ways, the long 2.5-hour walk, the medium 1.5-hour walk or the short 1-hour walk. While the medium walk is neither too short nor too strenuous, walking too much in the middle of the day might not be the best thing.

Explore the Island’s underwater world

Snorkeling with manta rays is one of the main attractions of Komodo National Park’s underwater world. With a rich marine life, the underwater world boasts of over 1000 species of fish and 230 coral species. Additionally, the island’s reefs provide for the some of the best diving and snorkeling spots in the world. The most visited reefs at Komodo Island include Karang Makassar and Penga Kecil.

While diving or snorkeling here you are most likely to see turtles, small reef sharks and an array of sea starts and fish of all sizes, shapes and colors. Also expects to see whale sharks and dolphins depending on where you go snorkeling.

Take a boat tour

Every boat tour on Komodo Island starts at the small town of Labuan Bajo which is located in Flores Island’s western tip. You can either spend the night on a boat inside the national park or take a day trip and discover Komodo Island at its truest form. Longer Komodo boat day trips offer you incredible sunrise and sunsets, magical nights under the stars, a visit to less known locations, lots of snorkeling and extensive exploration of Komodo National Park.

Climb the Summit of Padar Island

A plethora of visitors break a sweat to reach the summit of the Padar Island for one reason only, the magnificent view of three beaches in different colors: black, white and pink. Therefore, to discover, experience and marvel the many wonders of this place make your trip to Komodo Island about adventure.

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