Museum visits in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most important cities in Europe and is also one of the most visited cities. Amsterdam is definitely worth a visit, and it really is a beautiful city too. Are you planning a city break soon? Then going to Amsterdam is a nice idea, and not without reason. After all, you can do many activities in Amsterdam, as well as look at beautiful sights. In addition, Amsterdam is always very cosy and this is due to its cosy restaurants and busy shopping streets. Amsterdam is also known for its museums, and you can learn a lot about Dutch culture here. The Moco Museum was established in 2016 and is a well-known museum in Amsterdam. You can come across a lot of distinct art here, and it is definitely worth a visit during your trip. Do you want to know what you can see here? In this article, we’ll go into this in detail, so you can find out all about it.

What can you see in the Moco Museum?

At the Moco Museum, you can, of course, see art and there are various works of art. The special thing about this museum is that you can come across new art. In fact, they have a huge range of modern art and this from various artists. For instance, they offer art by artists such as Banksy, Icy, KAWS and even Andy Warhol. These are all well-known artists, but they also give the chance to budding artists. The Moco Museum can be great fun for adults, but also definitely for youngsters and children. In fact, the artworks are very contemporary and most young people find this a lot more fun.

Check out the website

Before visiting the Moco Museum, it is of a great importance to check whether there is still room. The Moco Museum is often visited by tourists, and it can get quite crowded. You can buy a ticket in advance on the website, so you can be sure you can go there too. On the museum website, you can also take a look at exhibitions amsterdam. This way, you can see exactly what art is on in the museum at that time. This can vary a lot throughout the year and is something you should always keep in mind. Also keep an eye on the museum’s social media channels, so you can receive all the news immediately.

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