Why Abu Dhabi is famous worldwide

As you all know that Abu Dhabi is the capital city of United Arab Emirates and it is very trending and famous and it is now a days become more and more popular day by day it’s just because of it’s amazing destination see properly rules and regulation system the organization of the city its contribution in the business and everything that happens in the world animal Reasons of popularity is just its places which are designed in such a way that they can attract anyone easily or you can say that Abu Dhabi is the city of luxury and style.

Abu Dhabi famous places

There are so many amazing and wonderful places and destinations to visit in Abu Dhabi City tour like you can enjoy so much in Ferrari World chill and relax at corniche beach girls shopping at Marina Mall enjoy a wonderful and delicious yummy lunch at Emirates Palace Hotel and so many amazing places.

Sheikh Zayed mosque

The next most beautiful destination that you will be visited in your Abu Dhabi City tour is Sheikh Zayed Mosque which is considered as the 8th largest mosque in the whole world built by an experience and professional architecture and it is famous all over the world the best part of this Mosque is that anybody can visit it whether he or she belong to any culture you can explore the religion of Islam and there are some ornaments are ancient pieces that will tell you or remind you about the old peoples who were the followers of Islam almost covered area of this Mosque is about 3000 acres and it is built in a very luxurious manner you can photograph yourself ok and take pictures of yourself to make it your best memory in Abu Dhabi City tour.

Ferrari world visit the world first Ferrari brand amusement park

The next destination or place to visit in your Abu Dhabi City tour after the visit of Sheikh Zayed Mosque is Ferrari World which is the first Ferrari themed or Ferrari prank amusement park the whole roof of the Ferrari World is made up of The trademark or the sign of Ferrari and it is very large values which makes it very popular the main and the best attraction of Ferrari World roller coaster formula Rosa which is the world’s fastest roller coaster and you can enjoy the ride of Roller Coaster formula Rosa in Ferrari World nowadays Ferrari World is recording the world breaks because it is design in such a way that no one can do it very easily it has all types of design and theme cracked so you can write only strike that will give you an immense pleasure enjoyment at entertainment as well it has white full family adventurous magical rides and world class entertainment there.

Corniche beach

Then the next place to visit in your Abu Dhabi City tour is corniche beach which is also known as the outdoor entertainment or  the outdoor fun corner people go there to enjoy yourself and to make them like you have multiple options to enjoy and to relax yourself you can take sun bath in the scorching sun setting time you can enjoy water sports there they have volleyball courts football grounds cricket field if you are a sports lover so you can enjoy the water trip and so many sports all in one accept all these they have a different fun area for children which is separate and there are different and registered for different classes like different Gate for groups different entrance Gate for families and different entrance Gate for the children

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