Explore the Most Stunning Places of Jordan without Hurting Your Travelling Budget

Middle Eastern region is such a great area because of the many wonderful countries. Jordan is one of the greatest tourist spots in this region, boasting plenty of untouched deserts, natural wonders, archeological sites, and other stunning places. Exploring Jordan will be a wonderful experience and its tourist spots will remain fresh in your memories for so long. The overall environment of Jordan is enviable for tourists, making it a perfect holiday destination if you are interested in traditional history and architecture. If you are a Kuwaiti then you can easily book your plane tickets at discounted price with the help of Booking.com code which is attainable at coupon.com.kw. It is a special for natives and they can travel to any country. In this travel guide, we will highlight some top places of Jordan that you must add to your bucket list. Here are some beautiful places of Jordan.

Wadi Rum:

If you are a fan of deserts and desert activities, then you shouldn’t miss this red desert landscape. It appears on big screens plenty of times and the backdrop is worth-watching due to the romantic feel. If you really want to see the real beauty of this place on a big screen, then we recommend you to watch Lawrence of Arabia. The red sand is itself a biggest attraction, making it a unique desert as compare to other deserts. The sunset view is indescribable.


This wonderful site is a national symbol in Jordan due to its impressive rock-cut architecture. This site is a strong contender for the list of Wonders of the World. This site always flooded with tourists because of the rose-colored mountains walls. It will be a perfect cultural trip for you and your kids. You can see this amazing attraction after walking through a constricted valley. You can explore each and every detail here by walking. Take benefit of Booking.com code from coupon.com.kw if you want to make your trip possible in limited budget.

The Dead Sea:

Everyone is well familiar with the Dead Sea and it is one of the major tourist attractions in Jordan. It features lowest earth’s surface point which is really a wonderful thing for tourists. You can spend your day here and don’t forget to take your digital camera in order to capture the most stunning sunset view. You can also explore some other well known tourist spots near this sea. You can also experience some panoramic views when you visit the Dead Sea.

Umm Qais:

Want to see some greenery? Head to this site and you will come across with some stunning green landscapes. The geological value of this place is very huge because the borders of Israel and Syria are very close. That’s why you must discover this location as tourist. Book your flights from anywhere without worrying about cost with the backing of Booking.com code available for users at coupon.com.kw. What more could you want?