Planning a trip to Turkey? These 5 Spots Will Make Your Mind

After Dubai, Turkey is experiencing tourism boom due to its amazing cities, Ottoman palaces, water coasts, heritage, and culture. In short, Turkey has much more to offer to its visitors. If you really want to make your turkey trip memorable, this read this travel guide completely. On the other hand, if you are feeling confused then this guide will make your mind. So, pack your backpack or luggage and enjoy your trip to its fullest. Moreover, don’t forget to taste Turkish food because it is a major tourist attraction for travelers. Want to manage your trip in a limited budget? Well, it is only possible when you take gain of Emirates promotional code offered at This promotion will help to save some money on various things like flight tickets, hotel reservation, car rentals, and many more. We have narrowed down the list of Turkey’s tourist attractions that you must visit as soon as possible.


This beach is located in district Fethiye and best known for its calm water and gorgeous blue color. It falls in the list of top best beaches in the world due to its geographical location and attractive environment. This beach is really a good option for those who like water sports and activities like swimming, kayaking, and boating. This is a must-visit beach for everyone and you should add it to your bucket list.


If you are a first-timer, then you must go Mardin city. This city represents the old Turkish architecture that is called as Artquid. This old town is such a wonderful treat to watch and you can guess the history and heritage of old Turkey. Whether you are a solo traveler or travelling with family, you can visit this city for exploring traditional cuisine and architecture of Turkey.

Uludag Mountain:

If you are a big aficionado of skiing, climbing, and even hiking, you should not miss this place. This mountain is mostly covered with snow. It has 2500m elevation which is great for skiing and other snowy sports. Manage your travel expenditure by using Emirates promotional code presented at for travelers. Regularly visit this website and grab exciting promotions and deals.


It is a popular tourist destination in Turkey and always crowded with travelers and visitors. It is a favorite spot for visiting in Turkey during summer. This fantastic destination is equally popular among enthusiast travelers and visitors. If you are planning to explore Turkey this year then don’t forget to visit Antalya at any cost.


If you haven’t visited Istanbul then visit it now. This famous city in Turkey is crowded with so many historical buildings, religions, cultures, and tourist spots. The night life is really fascinating here this city will complete your visit to Turkey. Get discount on flight tickets and luxury accommodation options with the support of Emirates promotional code. Explore occasionally for grabbing these amazing vouchers, discounts, and affordable coupons.