Souvenirs you can only find in Australia

Souvenirs you can only find in Australia

Souvenirs you can only find in Australia

Australia is one of the most popular tourist destinations among travelers from all around the world. This country offers a lot of beautiful tourist spots that can be visited. Such as the Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach, The Great Barrier Reef and many more. Australia is also popular because of its multicultural and friendly peoples. When you travel to Australia, do not forget to buy Australian souvenirs that can only be found in the country.


As you likely know, a Boomerang is a common toy, ornament and traditional weapon that has been in Australia for thousands of years, originally used by the first nations people of Australia the Aborigines. So, it is not surprising that a lot of tourists buy a boomerang as a souvenir when they travel to Australia. Its unique shape and popularity makes them interesting to buy, there are many types from the most famous ‘returning boomerang’ in wooden and plastic sport versions as well as ornamental and painted art boomerangs and even simple toy play boomerangs. You can buy this souvenir at “Australian The Gift” shop, the price of this souvenir varies depending on the size, shape and type.


The next Australian souvenir that is special and only exists in Australia is Vegemite. Vegemite is a popular spread for bread, toast and crackers in this country. This spread has a very strong and savory flavor, it is nutritious and contains brown yeast extract. Vegemite has become one of the most popular breakfast ingredients for the Australian people. This spread has a distinctive aroma with a dominant rich salty flavor. Because this product is very popular, you can easily find this spread in Australian shops as well as lots of souvenir versions and novelty vegemite gifts .


If Boomerang is the original weapon of the first nations people of Australia, then the Didgeridoo is the original and typical musical instrument of the Aborigines. This exciting instrument should also be on your souvenir list when you travel to Australia, though many can be quite large for carrying back with you. Didgeridoos historically, were used during traditional ceremonies and many Aboriginal people believe that this musical instrument can cure diseases and get rid of any problems. Didgeridoo is made from hollowed out tree trunks and branches. This musical instrument is available in the form of miniature when it is sold as a souvenir, or real working half size and full size versions. The price of Didgeridoo ranges from US$30 to US$70.

Kangaroo Products

Kangaroos are the national animal of Australia and in fact this animal can only be found in Australia, it is a unique jumping animal that has always attracted the curiosity of the world. In Australia you will find all number of Kangaroo products and items for souvenirs and gifts. There is kangaroo meat and jerky available as well as kangaroo leather items and even novelty items made from Kangaroo scrotums! If something made from a real live kangaroo doesn’t fit with your palette then there are plenty of kangaroo soft toys, trinkets, toys and decorative gifts available too. In Australia it will be easy to find a kangaroo themed gift for every budget and preference.

So that is a summary of some of the most popular Australian souvenirs that can only be found in Australia. Do not forget to buy them when you travel to the country.

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