Vancouver Travel Guide

It is the largest metropolitan region of Canada which is known for its aesthetic allure and statuesque beauty. More often than not, Vancouver has been rated by its residents as the best place to reside in. As of its significance in tourists, it is a very sought-after  Lost Lagoon and seawall walk are located here, along with the Siwash Rock. Within a few miles in the downtown Vancouver, features such as the Grouse, Cypress and Seymour mountains can be located – all having night skiing facilities. A small mystical Island Bowen is located if a 15 minute ferry trip is taken, giving the tourist a view of the rain forests meeting the ocean. Several Ferry trips can help you discover gulf Islands such as the Galiano and Saltspring.Vancouver boasts some of the best nightlife in the country. For a night out in town, young locals and tourists alike visit York Town or the Gas Lamp District where night clubs, cafes and cafes are covered with cobblestone streets of passersby. York Town is a rather more upscale neighborhood, where you can dine at sublime cafes and stay in modern, classy boutique type hostels.

On the Big Island (as the island of Hawaii is called to differentiate from the state of the same name), you can see Mount Loa and Mount Kea which are the world’s biggest volcano and world’s biggest mountain respectively. As a volcanic island there are many black sand beaches on the island which can make an interesting change.Cruise ships are just one way that visitors come to the Greater Vancouver area. With the distinguished Vancouver International Airport located about an hour’s drive from Downtown, tourists from every part of the globe find it easy to get to and from the city. There’s also highway access to/from other parts of the province, as well as border crossings to the United States. With so many visitors travelling to Vancouver, the tourism and hospitality industry continues to be one of the area’s largest employment sectors.

Vancouver has been one of the few major cities in North America to place the preservation of its communities above road expansion. To service the increasing transportation needs of its residents, the city of Vancouver has focused more so on further public transit development which translates into an added benefit to the city’s visitors. Instead of paying a premium to stay at a downtown hotel, tourists have the option to stay in nearby areas like Burnaby, while still be a mere 15 minute SkyTrain ride from the downtown core.